About Us


Using the best technology to research and generate the content that keeps the hundreds of always online readers from all over the world, we have become the most relied upon content provider for the readers who look for the smallest details in technology reports.

With a team that includes computer science graduates, we are able to provide our readers the most detailed information to the latest technology happenings, even those well beyond our borders.

The only thing we have managed to keep as a constant activity from the days when articles were read by at most a thousand people to when now a potential million readers can access an article, is the attitude to go all out on each article as tho our business was based on that single article. And most companies running content don’t measure up in each of the published works, which is the sole determinant of how long they get to stay in business.

Looking into the future, all the team members we have become families with have an undeniable optimism that we will stand the test of time. Technology and how it shifts on a regular basis are sure pivots into the future, as long as we keep covering them enough for our viewers.