B2B branding seems to have picked up a lot of steam in the past years with more companies spending large amounts of money on branding.

The focus has switched from just trying to create a name for a company that a customer can recognize and now create an experience for the customer.

IBM is one of the companies that are spearheading the B2B branding as can be seen in their “Smarter Planet” campaign.

One of the company officials explains the reason for this by saying “B2B brands reduce the risk for buyers.”

The majority of tech companies have adopted this trend of branding that focuses on the buyer in the B2B cycle.

When you look at IBM’s strategy to brand, you realize they are trying to show how their product is more than just a product, it is a lifestyle, it is everywhere and it is a solution that can be trusted.

Jennifer Aaker, a psychologist has written research papers on the impact of branding on the buyer and it is evident that B2B brands reduce the risk for buyers.

“By supplying important information to the buyer, businesses are increasing the confidence the buyer will have in a particular brand, in the process the buyer feels more secure purchasing a product that they understand much more and know they can trust,” Aanker says.

When IBM carries out its B2B branding, it shows how the world is changing and it is time to embrace smarter technology, its products are seen more as a way to make life better and the company seems much more knowledgeable about new technology so a buyer is going to be more confident that buying from IBM, is a safe bet that they will get the most advanced technology.

In the end, the sight of IBM on any product is associated with advanced technology.

B2B Branding for companies helps marketers to let go of making a number of claims and go ahead to show the customer what the product is.

Tod Barrister a Marketing representative says they have been pushing their companies to invest more into B2B branding as opposed to mainstream advertising which pushes a product, more than a brand.

“We need to focus on what would make a buyer make that purchase and reduced risk is one of the reasons for buyers to settle for a particular product,” Barrister says.

Barrister’s remarks answer the question why more tech companies are investing in B2B branding. It is obviously one of the best ways to assure buyers that they are buying reliable quality.

Recent profits realized by the likes of IBM and McKinsey & Company can be attributed to their efforts to invest more in this type of branding.

A survey carried out on different decision makers using the IBM “Design for a Smarter Planet” revealed that even without them knowing which company was using the tagline, they were more inclined to buy from a company with such a tagline.

So with more companies realizing that B2B brands reduce the risk for buyers, there is going to be a greater shift in the way branding is done.